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50+ User License 50 $7,500 $150

Why should you subscribe to My Print?

Find out how you can use Random Lengths MY PRINT to create your own graphs and price reports using Random Lengths historical prices for softwood lumber and panels. Discover how each of the six available report types can make it easier for you to make key comparisons and detect significant trends that will help your business make smart decisions and save money. More...

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Step by step instructions explain how to sign up for your 30-day free trial, or purchase a license for My Print. More...

View samples of My Print reports

View samples of all six Random Lengths My Print report types, and selected Product/Species Groups. Available in PDF format, for you to view, print, and/or download in Adobe Reader. More...

If you are looking for a straightforward price history, the Custom report type lets you select up to five items for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual intervals, and the Yearbook report type will display monthly and annual averages, and five-year monthly averages, for an individual item.

If you want to identify seasonal trends, select the 5-Year Overlay report type to see when one item's price tends to be strongest or weakest, or the Zero-Line Overlay report type to determine whether the relationship between two items has a seasonal tendency.

To see the differential (premium or discount) of up to four items compared to a zero-line item, use the Zero-Line Comparison report type. Use the Up/Down report type when you want to see the up (+), down (-), or zero change of up to five items from one period to the next to check price volatility.

About Random Lengths

Answers to some of the most basic and frequently asked questions about Random Lengths Publications, Inc., its staff, its policies, and its approach to reporting prices, market activity, and industry issues. More...

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We want to hear from you! Email Customer Service at the Contact Us page, or phone toll-free in the U.S. and Canada, (888) 686-9925. We will be happy to walk you through any part of using My Print that you have questions about!

Random Lengths would like to let our My Print subscribers know some information we have recently discovered about how My Print works with iPads and iPhones using iOS, and Android tablets and phones.

When you login to My Print, and begin at the Reports Home page, it appears there are no lists of reports available, unlike how My Print appears on a desktop computer.

The grey bar in the middle of the Reports selection box will display the title of one of your reports.

If you click on the report title inside the grey bar, a drop-down list appears of all of your reports (or in the case of the left side of the screen, RL reports or samples).

Choose the report you want from the drop down list, then continue by selecting the action you want to perform (usually Modify Report or Open Report), and you can continue.

We will be working on changes to allow My Print to work more efficiently with tablets, smartphones and other devices. Thank-you for your patience.

How can I create my own custom description for an item, and define where it will appear on the final report? Instead of using the pre-defined short, medium or long descriptions, you can create your own description. On the Reports Home screen, select Modify Report. On the General Report Settings screen, under Item Description Display Options, make sure the fields where you want your custom description to display (Summary, Legend, or Price Item) are set to Custom Description. Click Continue. Under the Modify Selected Report Tags section, click the Edit button for the item where you want to replace the description with your own. Go to the field Custom Description. The Medium Description for the item has been put in this field to give you a start to create your own description. Change or replace the default description for the item with your own description. Click Update to save your changes. Select Finish & View or Finish & Save. The next time you open and view this report, your custom description will appear to identify the item in the locations you selected.

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